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Is Khamenei good for the West?
June 22, 2009, 4:09 pm
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Alex Knepper

Alex Knepper

The prospect of revolution circles the air in Iran. Rumors are swirling that Assembly of Experts leader Akbar Rafsanjani might be attempting some sort of administrative coup, while the specter of a Mir-Hossein Mousavi presidency still exists. The crowds chant the name of Mousavi — who fully supports the nuclear program Iran has going and sat on a founding board of Hezbollah in the early 1980’s — and many, if not most, seem to be there because they want him in charge, not because they want legitimate secular democracy. (These are a few of several possibilities; the truth is that we genuinely just do not know exactly what is going on.)

If Iran is indeed a year away from obtaining a nuclear weapon, it might, sad as I am to say it, be better if the status quo remains: better the devil we know, after all. Having either Mousavi and Rafsanjani in charge would amount to nothing more than a half-assed revolving-door pseudo-revolution and would serve no purpose but to buy the Iranians more time to come up with a nuclear weapon.

Rafsanjani has openly stated that he approves of the use of a nuclear weapon against Israel, should the Muslim world obtain one. The fact that the West wants to think of him as someone we can do businesss with is a testament only to how horrific the prospect of dealing with the Khameneists is.

Mousavi’s intentions, it should be said, are ambiguous even while Rafsanjani is more apocalyptic, but that’s irrelevant, if he wants nuclear weapons: they will exist for all time, not until the next presidency ends. Mousavi may be more favorably inclined toward women than Ahmadinejad, but as far as the West is concerned, we might just be talking about the difference between Hitler and a Hitler who thinks that women should be allowed to go to school: pretty irrelevant to the Jews. Nuclear weapons simply cannot be allowed to enter the Middle East.

Should Rafsanjani or Mousavi assume command, the West will be lulled into a false sense of security — a fully illusory change will have taken place. But what a beautiful illusion it will appear to us as!

Only a secular democratic state will earn my endorsement. I’m horrified to admit it, but if what these revolutionaries want is a Mousavi regime — or, worse, a Rafsanjani one — I’m afraid that, for the sake of the West and Israel, I must side with the status quo.


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