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The minority Republican’s manifesto
August 12, 2009, 7:12 pm
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Alex Knepper

Alex Knepper

The Republican Party is not, in contemporary politics, typically identified as being the party of ‘diversity’ or ‘tolerance.’ But why is this? The contemporary wisdom says that it’s because they refuse to play the “outreach” game, or because they cater to discriminatory policies. The national orthodoxy says that any person who isn’t a white, Christian heterosexual who still chooses to belong to the GOP must be woefully confused.

This brief outline is a strike back at that sadly misguided thought.

1. We reject the notion that identities formed by accidents of birth matter more than ideas.

2. We reject the notion that one’s skin color, sexual orientation, or ethnic heritage should determine one’s personal philosophy.

3. We reject the notion that anything but reason should guide our political views — should darker skin lead to support of higher taxes? Should a same-sex attraction lead to support for abortion rights? Should a Jewish heritage lead to support for protectionism?

4. We reject the notion that government necessarily holds the answers to overcoming discrimination. Discrimination certianly exists and is quite often problematic, but unenlightened people are as sure to eternally exist as the sun is to set. We refuse to allow ignorant people to hold power over us.

5. We reject the notion that we are victims: we are, in stark contrast, self-empowered. We do not need the federal government to validate our existence, for we are made strong by our virtues and strength of mind.

6. We reject the notion that we should be defined by our minority status. We do not agree with the Republican Party on every issue — but what Republican does? Issues corresponding to a coincidental part of our identities may simply not matter. Why should a gay man necessarily care more about marriage than about the Iraq War? Why should a Hispanic man care more about immigration issues than about the federal deficit?

7. We reject the intimidation tactics of the identity elite: those whose careers thrive on keeping us feeling oppressed, victimized, and downtrodden. It may keep them in power, but it does nothing but harm to our communities.

8. We reject the notion that “diversity” necessarily lies in skin color, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, or nationality. True diversity comes from a variety of opinions — from freethinking men and women who choose to use their minds and engage in a vigorous examination of life.

9. We reject the notion that the Democratic Party has ever been a party of tolerance. In the 1960’s, it was the party of Southern bigots who wanted us lynched, beaten, or assaulted. In the 2000’s, it patronizes us and seeks to instill us with a sense of victimhood. The GOP is not without its obvious shortcomings, but we can and do work to change the party from within.

10. Finally, we reject the notion that we are “self-hating,” deluded, or confused: these are labels attached to us by people who are afraid of an open debate. Open debate is the cornerstone of the classically liberal society, and we have engaged in it and have found our home in the Republican Party.


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